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8. The Wisdom of Ibn Ata'Allah

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(Excerpts Only)

Translation and Commentary by Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

The Hikam (Wisdom)

Section Twenty Two

HIKMA 204 

Some lights are given leave to arrive and some lights are given leave to penetrate. 

His Lights reflect in the heart aspects of divine attributes, qualities and names. Lights and inspirations often descend unexpectedly, and do not always make lasting impact if they simply touch the heart without moving it. It is the difference between hearing the news that there is a distant fire in town and the urgency of dealing with a fire in the kitchen of ones house. One takes some of your attention; the other demands all your instant action. 

HIKMA 205 

It could be that lights come upon you but find the heart filled up with forms of created things, thus they return to where they descended from. 

A pure heart is necessary in order for a transformation to take place.  So long as the heart has other preoccupations the descending insights and lights from the unseen will not move it or energise it. To experience and enjoy the beauty of a moon you need a clear eye, otherwise the preoccupation with impaired vision will ruin the experience. The same is with an attached or preoccupied heart.


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