Stories of the Awliya


“Great pleasure and joy are for the ones who mine the gold and gemstones of meanings from their lives and recognize the hand of the creator behind it all.”
A Saying of Shaykh Sayed Ikram Hussain

Life is not a series of disconnected events brought about by chance. It is rather a moment-to-moment manifestation of the first and original divine intention.

This divine intention is expressed in a tradition, where Allah says:

“I was a treasure hidden wanting to be known. I manifested this creation so that I would be known”

In the post, and, pre-creational state, God, Allah, was/is alone, self-sustaining, all encompassing, knowing Himself by Himself.  He brought forth the creation as a mercy to Himself, by Himself through the unfolding of the creational cornucopia of forms.

Each and every thing that flows through time contains signs with meanings designed to guide, inspire and nourish that original divine intention.

Mankind was designed and programmed to contain the knowledge of the creator. It is the ultimate purpose of man’s creation.

When we align ourselves consciously with that intention, the events of our lives become the stepping-stones of meaning that is the living guidance for our lives.

The following stories are examples of Allah’s perfect guidance as it is manifested in the lives of His Awliya.