Ripples of Light


Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

(Excerpts Only)

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The universe is composed of infinite varieties of diverse and heterogeneous components. Solids, liquids, gases, living, inanimate, seen and unseen energies, colors, galaxies, relative time and apparent infinite space. The one unique power, however, is the source of all powers which enables these existential realities to connect, relate and interact with each other; that is the Divine essence, Allah the Glorious. The ultimate unifier and source of all relative powers, the ONE unique, all pervading, Creator and Sustainer of time and space. The light behind all lights and shadows.

What we all seek is the knowledge of this absolute truth whether consciously or otherwise. Allah’s attributes; the everlasting, the merciful, the all knowing, the all powerful, the all hearing, the all seeing etc. are the doors which lead to the Divine Country. These attributes are what rule the universe. Knowledge of Allah is the key to all that is desirable in this life. It is the only reliable source of happiness and contentment. Access to this knowledge comes only through self knowledge (negating the Nafs whilst upholding the Ruh) and reading the true meaning and message behind experiences and events. You start by rational understanding and reasoning which emanates from the intellect. Later you see the hidden meaning and attributes behind the experience. When the Ruh illuminates the self then you can begin to see the Divine attribute and light behind all existential happenings. This state is the source of true contentment and security.

The true purpose of life is to adore, glorify and worship Allah. Yet how can you be consistent in your commitment, love and submission to Allah unless you experience the Divine presence all the time? How can you be illuminated, awakened and enlightened if you are wrapped in the cocoon of the Nafs and hardened by your mental perceptions and expectations?

The seeker must act upon what the heart transmits and thus is transformed. Constant faithful submission, inner humbleness and high expectations of Allah will open up channels of insight and spiritual drive leading to a reliable, steady inner awareness which becomes the source of true joy.

The following seven chapters are key factors in progressing along the path. They are highly condensed and meant for the advanced seeker who has already read much and progressed along the path.

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