Moriam Grillo

Deeper Love

I know a love
that is deeper than the ocean,
and a joy
that has brimmed and overflows.

My heart remains thrilled
without elixir or potion,
The taste of sweetness is
all that it knows!


My heart is singing
but I'm too busy to hear it.

My soul remembers but I forget.

My intellect knows
but my mind is thoughtless

The remedy for re-union
salat, salat, salat.


You need to stop to start,
Close your eyes to see,
Be in silence to hear,
Forsake activity to be.

My heart yearns for solace,
My eyes are in need of light,
My soul remembers better things,
Beyond mere thrill and delight.

Why do I settle for second best,
What stops me from claiming my worth,
I see my self and not higher than,
I witness my truth as my birth.

We are from a higher plane,
A place that supercedes tangibility,
Away from the superfluity of created beings,
He and only He.


Do not stop the Love
It's a spring supplied by an ocean
Do not stop the Truth
It exists in all things
Be a conduit and not of the damned
Be in constant devotion
Be at One.

Feel the Force

You are not of this world,
In order to know your true self,

You are not simply physical.
You are bursting with light and pure energy,

Connect to that infinite source which is within you,
Be transported beyond time and space
to the vastness of true being which is Reality,

Witness the All-Encompassing Spark
That drives all created things to their ultimate end,
Which is and was their beginning,

For Shaykhna

"Oh Shaykh
With you, I am
Like a moth to a naked flame.
Drawn whole-heartedly to you
And compelled by your light
To what will surely be my imminent death
And greatest success.
Glory be to The Sun for such a reflection!"

For you

I searched the rivers deep and mountains high,
For you, I search the West and then the East,
For you, I searched the heart of every being,
For you, I shouted hither and thither and whence came no reply,
I stopped, hearing only the beating of my own heart
For you were there, and I was not

Let the Lark

Let the Lark sing;
that I may hear your voice.

Let the dawn break;
that my vision may unite with your light.

Let the rain pour;
that I may be washed of Me.

And let the sun shine
so that all the remaining traces of what is mine
are extinguished in the light of Your Truth.


Forgotten Memory

It has been a while since
I have heard the Lark singing

Each day, at dawn, I sip
from Your spring whilst in sujud

Each night, I search the skies
for that hidden Light

My heart hungers for the nourishment
of Your Presence

Forgetting that in my standing,
bowing and sitting,
there is only You.

Go with the Flow

Do not stop the love
It’s a spring supplied by an ocean
Do not stop the Truth
It exists in all things
Be a conduit and not of the damned
Be in constant devotion
Be at One.

Hold Fast

Let not a morsel
Pass my lips
Until the sun has gone down.
Feasts of any kind are temporal;
Pleasures and illusions.
The Only Reality
Within this field of dreams
Is that the sun will set.

In Love with All that Exists

I am in love with all that exists
The First, The Last, The Only One
He precedes the beginning and will surpass the end
His Purity balances out the void
The ebb and flow of my heart journeys consistently towards His Surety
The limitedness of my being superceded by Hu – He Is
Glimpses of timelessness inspire my remembrance of Him
Witnessing His Magnificence in all things confirms the vastness that exists within

In This Moment

In this moment
I hold you forever

For outside of it
there is only time

The bounded perimeters
of what was and will be

The illusion that is
the self's confine

Just Causes

You stand at the water's edge
Because you desire firm ground and tangible causes.
It would be better for you if you dived into the ocean
Seeking The Intangible,
Truth lies in this Reality.
Submerge your self,
Go deep into the unseen;
Witness and return.
Once this is done, sincerely,
Then the shore may be your home,
For a time.
Then walk firmly on the terrafirma,
Knowing it is only sinking sand.
For time is slowly slipping,
And the grand illusion is of no use
To you.
Choose your starting point
But remember, finality and duality
Are One.
One Truth, One Goal, One Destiny
Make your cause - The Only Reality.

Making sense of it all

You broke my heart, for me to realize
The need for suppleness
Flexibility and detachment
I lost my mind, only to know
That I cannot make sense of it all
Why do I try when reason is beyond me?
Why do I yearn for more when there is only

Name the Remedy

Name me the remedy

that helps me forget the existence of this world.

Give me the wine that reminds - it does not.

Sing the song that fills my heart with the joy of eternal bliss.

Let me feel the rush of ecstasy that surrounds the prelude to a kiss.

Show me the rose that fills my eyes with the brilliance of a thousands suns.

Then take me away from this worldly domain to the place where it all begun.

where there is no need to remedy

No thirst filled thoughts to quench

The choral song itself is wine

and the feeling simply Divine

Now, let my soul enjoy the silence


If the day should break early
and the night close soon,
would you blame the sun's rising
or the setting of the moon?

Neither is The Cause
for never have they the means,
reflect with consideration
for it is not always as it seems.

It may be you perception that falters
or your memory that is at a loss,
do not loose faith, be patient
The subtle surely governs the gross.

If your time of rest is shortened
and the time for reflection long,
believe there is mercy in it
remember, nothing ever goes wrong.

The only mistake is in your apprehension:
will the rose's bud remain high or flop?
remember and witness from the correct perspective
and the magic will never stop!

Seeking Balance

Make the self content
Then tether it
So the aql may rise

Seek balance in and out
So that you may realize:

All is by His Leave
Rejoice and rejoin
So that you may achieve


It will amaze you to where the heart is inclined
Travel the earth trading darkness for light

Be mobile
Be active
Jump and take flight

Empty out your self
Be open and ready
To be adorned with light

Filter the hearing
Unify the sight

Observe the shielding
Witness the delight

Be still and steady
Ready to absorb insight.

Songs of Silence

There's no where to go but here
No place to be but now
No one to judge but you
No confrontations shared

No gain from sabotage
No self defeating games worth playing
No dragons to sustain
No complaints to be aired

There's nothing to be scared of
There is no need to be ashamed
Nothing to worry about
No need to look elsewhere

No reason you shouldn't keep trying
No point in giving up
There's nothing to loose
And nothing to compare

There is no time to waste
No need to deny it
There's nothing worth ignoring
No need to despair

There is no one to impress
No one to tell
No competition
No things to gain

There's no point to make
No game to play
No performance to take place
No fantasy to maintain

No time for a rehearsal
No tea break, no shift
No one to take your place
And no refrain

Do not uphold the lie
Do not turn elsewhere
Do remember you were created from Truth
And will return once again.

Thank You

I was a lump of amorphous clay
Fashioned by a Most Noble Designer
But since my creation, I have become Dulled by years and experiences
Memories and imagination
I have a chip on my shoulder
And a knock in my side

The Mercy of My Creator sends a sculptor of present times
To help me regain my former glory He reshapes my self to a higher resolution, smoothing my rough edges
A polishing my dimmed light

Now, once more, I begin to reflect the light and honor of my Creator
The rust of past years being removed
Awakening my knowledge of the
Only Reality and thanking
That Reality for my Shaykh


Only in stopping
can one rejoin with Truth

Stop spinning with the dunya
and just be...

Separate your self from the falsehood
that underlies life.

Go with a different flow

Witnessing Souls

You are invited on a journey
One for hearts and souls
There are as many tracks
As there are varying roles
Through places where words are a loss
Witnessing duality; subtle, gross

Chaotic existentialism ending in inner peace
Contained One-derment, outward belief

The ship is sailing
The masts are high
Reserve with intent
Come with me, fly!

Keep calm, relax
Sleep, let your self go
Trust, the inner sanctity
Let your river flow

Remember the inner fountain
That all are able to attain
But who is worthy of it?
And who destined to refrain?
Trust, trust, trust
Shake it well, all will be clear
Truth, truth, truth
Listen…learn…and tell. Be near

Ride the crest of the wave
Fear not, all is at hand
Your journey will end and begin
In a far yet not too distant land
Start after first stopping
Acquire knowledge after letting go thought
See only what is Real
The Only worthy to exhort.