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Poems by Hajj Mustafa Ali

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By: Hajj Mustafa Ali

Upon each moment lies a veil
Lift it with himma and you will begin to sail
Across it's seas and upon it's trails
Light and love will soon prevail

We say we are Kings, merchants and good
Look into the hearts mirror it will be understood
We are but soul travelers cloaked in names
Many of which cause us much pains
So grasp this moment, take on the quest
And know that it is the Lord above that knows us best.

Upon each moment lies a veil
Lift it with himma and you will begin to sail
Across it's seas and upon it's trails
Light and love must prevail

We see that He, has always been the One
He shines so bright a mythal of the Sun
And in our weakness we find His strength
To fill us with himma, to go the full length.

Upon each moment lies a veil
Lift it with himma and you will begin to sail
Across it's seas and upon it's trails
Light and love has prevailed

So rejoice my Brother for now is the time.
The moment is ripe so drink the wine
Know that your body is not but a cup
Let the light within it, rise up

Upon each moment lies a veil
Lift it with himma and you will begin to sail
Across it's seas and upon it's trails
Light and love will prevail

See the world and what it is for
A canopy of shadows a mirror at the door
It leads the seeker to the utmost height
Where he soars like an Angel in the cosmic delight

Upon each moment lies a veil
Lift it with himma and you will begin to sail
Across it's seas and upon it's trails
Light and love’s bounty prevails

And as for the deniers let them be
For it is a promise from the High that they will come to see
For us we die to live and be born anew
For them it is hell fire that they will go through

Upon each moment lies a veil
Lift it with himma and you will begin to sail
Across it's seas and upon it's trails
Light and love will ALWAYS prevail

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The Final View

In this world are many directions
The change bewilders in countless selections
But isn’t this in the design
that makes us look for the divine.

Without the tumult there cannot be calm
So rejoice in the reflections!

And carefully make your selections!

That lead you to the summit peak
Where the final view is, you seek.


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Hand in hand, in His Hand
Heart by Heart, never apart
That ray of light called the Ruh
Has given us His golden rule
That He alone is in-charge
So rejoice His Love is at large
It takes a Lover to fly away
From all illusions and fantasy's play
Once you have tasted the death of you
That One Love will see you through
That Love that has no bounds no logic, mind too
The Light of Allah HU HU HU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Standing in the Sand

I saw you standing in the sand
Your eyes transcend all visible in the land
Servants of the Heart they do not lie
A vision of the next world holy and high

All around you spreads out the lowness of man
But you do not weep although you can
You came to help and serve in the Way
But people who’s hearts have gone astray
Have left you to die this day

They call you their leader the Imam, Ya Husayn!
But they are not sincere, and so full of distain
Their head and hearts are filled with lies
Tribal loyalties and sinful ties

Do they not see you are the chosen one
Their ignorance blinds like one staring at the sun
If they did they would have taken the sword to themselves
It would have been redemption, freedom from their hells

But alas they had no respect
Their hearts and minds they did neglect
They allowed the golden blood to fill the sand
Forever their actions have effected the land

A light so bright put out this day
By hands of people made out of clay
Did they not see your blessed light
If they did, they would have not turned the day into night

Your face!
It shines out with light
Oh measure of sincerity, reflector of might

Oh savior of the Deen and all that is good
Had it not been for you the truth would not be understood

The river of gold would have returned to lead
My Lord I would have given my head!

The plants would have turned brown for the water would have gone dry
For it was for you and your family that they desire to supply

The oceans would evaporate from the heat of their lament
The sky would fold itself up like a collapsing tent

You refused to compromise although you knew
That the sands your grandfather spoke about were under you
He saw the vision and tears ran down his face
The sands of Kerbala, this is the place
A line in the sand that cannot be crossed
For it was the transmission of light to be saved at all cost

Now it has been over one thousand years
and your family of light are still shedding tears
The drama of Kerbala still takes place
In valleys and cities all over the place

Oh how generous is our Lord
To have given us time so we can afford
To reflect on the past so we may come to see
That it is only through sacrifice that we become free

Giving up our affair, without concern & despair
Leaving behind illusions without a care
For all our plans the "nafs" declares
Will come to nothing but traps and snares

Once we have witnessed His true love
Our hearts will fly free like a pure white dove

In the knowledge that Allah's plot will come to pass
His enemies action cannot outlast
The final say has and will always be
With our Lord, oh! but if they only could see

And we will hear your story so complete
Our hearts will recognize the bittersweet

That although you came to face your end
If was through you that Allah's Mercy would defend
The light of the Path, to this day
For all of us made out of clay
That we would come to understand
That it is Allah who rules the land

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Ramadan Reflection

Behind all, is a constant One
His radiance pales the shinning sun

But we do not see Him through our veils
Our lower self's winds fill our sails

We spend our days chasing the shadow show
From hence life came we do not know

But soon death will knock at our door
And we will have to look some more

At where we have come and where are we going
And what our actions in this life are sowing

Is what we are doing leading to know Him?
Or are we following every passing whim?

To witness His names and attain true being
Requires awareness, the true art of seeing

It takes remembrance of the reality
For knowledge, light and solemnity

To lift the veils of the shadow show
To see things as they are and come to know

So take the mantle of doing without
And restrict the self and have no doubt

That from denial comes relief
To see the truth behind every leaf

For hidden within us is the universe
The Qur`an unveils it verse after verse

So rejoice it is Ramadan take to the fast!
For this month of barakat will not last

Soon the month of fasting will fly away
And all the habits that we have kept at bay
Will come forward to have their appetites display
Without restriction of the Ramadan day

But for all those of subtle light
Those whom have attained inner delight

Will make their fast last all the year
Making their lives so precious and dear

For they are the true ones that have found the treasure
That all life comes in a clear balance and measure

So seek His knowledge and turn away from the plight
To rejoice in the splendor of His eternal Light.

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Poem Written for the Occasion

From One, the Soul makes its way
Housed in body, made of water and clay
Risen from the depths of darkness to Light
Has now been gifted the ultimate delight

To know the Lord through His creation
Living-Joy in self-realization

So see the signs on the table spread
For the All-Giving Lord has given life to the dead

In return you worship Him and Him alone
Good deeds and charity the seeds you have sown
That soon the sun will set upon your life
And into the next world, inshah Allah without trouble and strife

You will enter the Garden and say I have tasted this before
A gift of the Beloved who has always been knocking at your door.

So now for those who are left behind
Beware of the waste and your deeds be unkind

For if you do not recognize the preciousness given
The world will turn against you in the way you have striven

So take this as a sign of good news and warning
That soon your family and friends may be mourning

Not only your death and the end of you
But that your soul may not have made it through.

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