A Commentary on the Last Section of the Qur`an
(Selected Surahs Only)


The commentary on the last section (juz') of the Qur`an, begins with Surat al-Naba' (Chapter 78) and ends with Surat al-Nas (Chapter 114) and it contains the greatest number of chapters (37) of any juz'. Except for a few verses which were revealed later in Medina, these chapters were revealed in Mecca and contain some of the earliest revelations.

These early chapters are concerned primarily with the aspects of haqīqah (inner Truth and Reality), the laws governing creation, the destruction of this world, and the Hereafter, or the next life. These chapters are extremely potent and served as the fuel of the early Islamic movement which burst forth in Mecca and was established later in Medina.

Following the pattern of the earlier volumes in this series, the specific reasons for these revelations and the historical context in which they descended will not be elaborated upon here, for these points are well covered and document in many other available commentaries.

The volumes in this series are based on the teachings provided at the American Institute of Qur`anic Studies in San Antonio, Texas. Their main goal is to bring out the immediate efficacy of the Qur`an in purification of the self and in the unfolding of higher qualities within the individual, after which one can then wholeheartedly follow the sharī'ah and accept the divine laws by which a just and humane society can be established upon this earth.

The roots of key Arabic words are examined and discussed, thus enabling the student to derive the full benefit of the original language of the Qur`an and its unparalleled ability to communicate what is most difficult to transmit by words. At their root levels, Arabic words have many different meanings, and these meanings are sometimes the opposite of each other. This aspect of the Arabic language reflects a very important dimension of the ancient Arabic culture, a dimension which enabled the Arabs to be extremely sensitive to their environment and therefore susceptible to the message of tawhīd (divine unity). Although the Arabs were worldly, their language and ecology were well-suited to describing and communicating the unworldly and the Divine.

These revelations offer support and help for the true seeker in his passage through life. To remember these surahs in times of difficulty, uncertainty, weakness, or doubt is to gain considerable strength, because one is reminded of the Ever-Witnessing, the All-Seeing, the Ever-Present -- the Creator, Allah, subhānahu wa ta'ālā.

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