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Forty Windows


38. Allah Akbar
(than you imagine)

Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

I am constantly astounded
at people's ignorance and misconception
regarding what they consider
as God's punishment and His intention

Allah's mercy is total
and all encompassing
But human misdeeds
are at the root of troubles
and their seeds

Allah has created out of love
and all His laws emanate
from this sublime origin alone
permeating to us below
to bring about natural order and flow
So if we follow the Path
we shall experience an easy ride
otherwise it is going against the tide
And Allah the pure Divine
has perfected His design
and made us desire ease
and to experience the sublime

Allah has no need or reason
For punishment or affliction
He has already decreed that
all creation seek His Benediction
Therefore it is only our unnatural actions
that will lead us to undesirable conclusions
yet we are given constant permission
to allow divine mercy and light
to flow through us by submission
thus experiencing the Cosmic Perfection
But we are blocked or overruled
when we transgress
due to crucial omission
and it is this condition
referred to erroneously as God's admonition
or Divine anger or separation
More appropriately it is a sickness of the soul
or spiritual Hunger causing deflection
loss and confusion
which leads the repentant
to peace through surrender
and the ease of prostration
and true constant submission

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