By: Shaykh Fayturi

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Oh seeker of gnosis and the stations of serenity!

Keep the company of a close friend who has fully met the obligation of slaveness to Allah.

Do not be content with words. Arise and embark on deeds without delay!

You will reach the Station of perfection — there is no god except Allah.

If you desire the meaning of the name of His essence, then seek annihilation.

Often and openly — you will obtain encounter with Allah.

You will obtain the goal by it — you will be given the cup of witnessing to drink.

Then you will see all of existence outwardly manifest by the light of Allah.

Remember Him in meaning and the senses — you are taking it from light.

You will enter the Station of intimacy — your joy is constantly with Allah.

Say ‘Allah!’ openly, secretly, and in retreat,

A breath of fragrance will come to you, which will annihilate you in the essence of Allah.

Watch the beauty of the Beloved with fear — He is the Near, the Answerer —

A startling opening will come to you — you will be brought to life by the witnessing of Allah.

Do wudu with the water of the unseen and direct yourself toward the Beloved.

There is a wondrous secret! You will see Allah by Allah!

If you desire the firm establishment and the tasting of the Gnostics,

My master is the very one designated, al-‘Alawi, the secret of Allah.

Thirst for me frantically with love. Help has come to me from him,

So I obtained the highest desire — I became rich in Allah.

Oh you who desire the cure and withdrawal from other!

Drink from my wine and you will be quenched. Then you will see the beauty of Allah.

The suns of the essence will bring you the names and the attributes.

Allah is in all beings, and Allah goes on.

Make the eye of Iman keen — you will see Allah, not phenomenal beings.

This is the Station of Ihsan, a special favor from Allah —

Not by diligence or striving — a gift from the Generous, the Compassionate to the slaves. Thanks and praise be to Allah!

Muhammad al-Fayturi admits to his incapacity.

By Him, and happiness is complete, annihilated and going-on in Allah.

May our Master, the Great, bless the gentle, the merciful.

He is the straight path, guiding by the permission of Allah.

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The fire of passion was kindled and it called my heart: Be burned!

It will not leave other in it, so it became a branch of my root.

My close Friend is outwardly manifest in His place of tajalli. The cosmos illuminated His radiance.

The sun of His splendor appeared — how marvelous the tajalli is!

He is the secret of existence. He is the Witness and the Witnessed.

The command returns to Him. He is the guide of all.

My moments were full of delight with Him when I understood the meaning —

My Beloved drew near me and my goal was obtained for me.

My goal freed me of fetters and he let him drink from the glass of witnessing.

Other-than-Him is lost with me. My speech and action is from Him.

I drank the wine of tasting from the hands of the cupbearer of the passionate.

The sun of liberation emerged and the beauty of adornment appeared.

I looked behind the veil at what the eyes do not perceive,

I withdrew into the sea of lights — part of me became all of me.

The goblets of the Path were passed around: ‘Come near Me, My friend!

We will let you drink an ancient wine — you will obtain the joy of all!’

My master is the dot of the ba‘. The beginning was from him,

Outwardly as well as at the end. Understand then, Oh critic!

People of gnosis! Come now to the spring of Ihsan!

Al-‘Alawi, the ghawth of the age. My arrival was completed by him.

He is the glory of the secrets. He is the glass and the wine.

He is the Cupbearer of the wine of perfection to the learned.

Al-Fayturi is out of his head with love from him — he drinks intoxicated from his wine.

I am an individual of the age, a slave without interruption.

Fuqara! Then ask for blessings on the greatest of mankind,

The best, by whom the magnet of perfection flows!

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My Beloved appeared to me in tajalli! Rejoice my heart! Divest yourself while my core, my glory smiles.

My passion increased — His cupbearer called — He took the heart with joining and subduing.

My cups went around — my selves gave life — my suns shone because of the sweetness of the smile.

He is my life, the focus of my firmness — annihilate yourself in the essence for the journey, then you will understand!

My death is my existence; my withdrawal is my witnessing — so generosity is my generosity and confusion stutters.

This is my sign in every time. Look with my eye at your treasure, you will obtain booty.

Look at your essence — you will be brought to life by your life. Your spirit called to you to unwind the talisman,

The secret of guidance is the cavern of wilaya, my master, my lord giving favors to all.

The firm grip, the source of the Path, the treasury of the Haqiqa, the unique individual, the seal.

He is my sultan at every moment, the sun of gnosis, al-‘Alawi, the greatest.

Announce caravan leader! To every circle of the slaves, my master al-Fayturi and learn!

Oh Lord! Bless the one who tends and brings my heart to life by unwinding the talisman.

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My Beloved called me from the presence of my nearness — I stood up to answer the call of Allah.

I came to the door without hesitation and I found the lovers in the presence of Allah.

I drank cups from the wine-jars of joy, and so the forms quivered out of rapture with Allah.

A timeless drink, whose value is immense, a straight path for the one who desires Allah.

The morning came with the light of success — we went with the spirits from the Malakut of Allah.

We met the wise, the great ghawth, al-‘Alawi, residing in the Jabarut of Allah.

He crossed to my being and other withdrew. Then I said: He! He! He! Allah!

The counselor of the community, he who manifests sorrow, the possessor of himma in the Path of Allah.

The heir of the Messenger in action and word, the presence of acceptance of the judgements of Allah.

The word of Islam, the reviver of people, he won the station, which Allah chose.

The Adam of the age behind whom is the Merciful. Do not be like shaytan, you will have trouble when you meet him.

They came to him and thirsted with passionate love for him. They swooned before him, prostrating to Allah.

His fragrance intoxicated me and his meaning put me in confusion — his radiance dazzled me, I prostrated to Allah.

Oh murid! Advance if you desire booty! Do dhikr and greet, you will obtain his encounter.

Withdraw from the attributes and annihilate yourself in the essence — it will bring you completely to life and you will go on with his going-on.

Oh peace! Bless the pole of men! My heart thirsts after him with passionate love, so I won his encounter.

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Oh murid! Abandon your self and what it wants if you desire increase from the secrets of Allah!

Enter the path and cling to the friend — he will give you an ancient vintage of the wine of Allah to drink.

The Beloved will give you His wondrous secret — thirst with love for him and withdraw into the lights of Allah.

The forms melted away when my Beloved divulged the name of opening for the one who desires Allah.

The cups went around among us, Oh friend; the secret diffused a fragrant scent from the niche of Allah.

Draw near to the wine-jug of joy. Its drink is permitted! Truly you will be pleased with it — you will see the Face of Allah!

Oh denier! Refrain and do not be stubborn towards the unique individual, the guide who is the light of Allah.

He teaches with the glance and he admits the possessor of the night-journey in the Jabarut of Allah to the Presence.

I understood by him, from him, to him whoever knows him to contain the secret of Allah.

The open road of the Path, the Sultan of realization!

How excellent is the friend for the one who desires Allah!

Al-‘Alawi, Sayyidi ibn al-Buzidi. He set me free from my fetters and I was sent forth to the company of Allah.

He made me recognize my self, he made me enter my intimacy — I withdrew from other-than-Him in the presence of purity.

Fayturi is wasting-away and brings the greeting to the great Ghawth, the spring of the knowledge of Allah.

May the Master bless the light of guidance! He brought my heart to life and I saw the Master.