Beginning's End
(Introduction and Chapter 1)

Preface to the reprint edition

Originally this book was written when I was living in the United States and had met many people with a strong spiritual thirst but who were completely engulfed in the competitive world of ambition and material excellence. I had realized that many of these people preferred an esoteric and less demanding path than that which I had been committed to.

This book was written mainly to highlight the truth that if you wish to nourish the heart and nurture the light within, you need to make structural adjustments to your way of life as well as the all-consuming material drive. This book is a challenge to our modern lifestyle that is out of balance.

Now it is being reprinted as the gap widens between the sustainable inner happiness and ever-increasing outer frenzy.

Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri
May 2001

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Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri

  • Introduction

  • I -- The Path of Dynamic Submission

    1. The Seeker

    2. The Chase

    3. The Veil

  • II -- The Root of the Matter -- Introduction

    1. Emotions and Attitudes

    2. The Concept of Justice

    3. Time and Non-Time

    4. Decree and Destiny

    5. Body, Mind and Intellect

    6. Noble Qualities

    7. Rules For the Wayfarer

  • III -- Beginning's End -- Introduction

    1. The Wealth of Nations

    2. The Debt of Nations

    3. The Hope of Nations

  • IV -- Postscript

Zahra Publications 2002


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