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Adab of The Mureed  Introduction

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By: Hajj Mustafa Ali


All of creation is set in a balance that reflects the ultimate harmony of all things, Allah, The-Majestic, The-Wise. 

Everything is connected and each and every one is an actor in a play that has been designed with specific parameters and codes of behavior. 

Each thing, from the atoms to the planets to the greater universe around us, is subject to laws that maintain harmony and apparent stability. 

We, the human creature are subject to these laws. 

This little booklet is intended to share with others some practical points of courtesy with those fortunate to have the company of an enlightened being. 

The Shaykh, teacher or guide can only be useful if there is correct adab. Without it, there can be no transmission. Transmission is the way that light and knowledge is communicated from one heart to another. Without it, it remains so much information and sentimentality. 

Each point of courtesy mentioned in this booklet is a doorway to your own evolvement, and being ness. 

The recommendation in this book is not sacrosanct, and varies from Shaykh to Shaykh in their ultimate expression, but the meanings are the same. 

I offer this little booklet as a sincere prayer that is may help not only mureed's of Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri, but also all who venture on the path of "will-full" submission. 

Wa Salaam 

Hajj Mustafa Ali al-Taqi al-Haydari
White River, Republic of South Africa


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