From: Nuradeen Magazine

From the Nuradeen Magazine Vol. 3, No. 3 -- Fall/Winter 1983

O You whose remembrance brings honor to him that remembers,
O You to whom thankfulness is a victory for him that is thankful,
O You whose obedience brings deliverance
Bless Muhammad and his family,
And occupy our hearts with remembrance of You above all other remembrance,
Our tongues with thanksgiving to You above all other thanksgiving,
And all of our faculties with obedience to You above all other obedience.
Should You decree for us a lapse in this business (of remembrance),
Let it be a lapse of uprightness and well-being for us,
Allowing no consequence to overtake us,
Nor negligence to befall us,
So that the scribes that record the evil deeds, will turn from us with a page empty of the mention of evil,
And they that record good actions, will turn away in joy from that which they have written of our goodness.
If our days should come to an end,
And the period of our lives pass away,
And Your call to us should be sounded,
Which all must inevitably come to pass,
And whose answer must also be,
Then Bless Muhammad and his family,
And make the seal of that which has been recorded by the inscribers of action, be an accepted returning (to you) in repentance,
Let not a sin be committed after that by us.
Nor an act of disobedience be perpetrated by us.
Take not the veil from us by which you have hidden us from the sight of others on that Day which you will test the affairs of Your servants,
Indeed! You are the unendingly merciful One unto him that calls You, (You are) the One that answers him that cries out.

From as-Sahifatul-Kamilatus-Sajjadiyah of Imam Zayn ul-Abidin