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Biography of:
Hajj Ahmad Mikell

Hajj Ahmad Mikell

“I embraced Islam as the outer discipline which contained the jewel of an inner spiritual reality of enlightenment. I arrived at the view that the Prophet Muhammad, his family and companions, as well as the realized masters were the role models and teachers of the path of inner enlightenment as well as outer, sober and appropriate service of humanity.”

Hajj Ahmad Mikell converted to Islam in 1978 after studying a variety of spiritual disciplines including Zen Buddhism, Mahayana Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, Yoga, Hinduism, Judaism, and Gnostic Christianity.

As Hajj Ahmad further remarks: “Islam has never been a religion for me. It has always been deen; that is, a path of seeking to align myself with the higher spiritual aspect of beingness. I view the Quran, not just as a revealed book, but as the primary source of inner enlightenment from which all other sources have sprung forth.”

Hajj Ahmad had the benefit of several great spiritual teachers. He has been a student of Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri since 1981 and has permission (idhn) from him to instruct others in the path of unity, presence and enlightened self discovery.

He attended the American Institute of Qur`anic Studies (AIQS) in Blanco, TX in 1983 and later served as Director of the Institute. He also served as Administrator of Zahra Trust, the umbrella organization of AIQS and as General Manager and Editor for Zahra Publications both in the U.S. and in England. He has written and edited several books including The Book of Fasting, The Book of Pilgrimage and Islam in Spain for Zahra Publications. He also served as Editor and Production Director of the Islamic journal Nuradeen in the 1980s.

Hajj Ahmad has traveled extensively and taught Islam and Islamic philosophy and spirituality to communities in the U.S., England, Sweden, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and South Africa. He is a founding member of ASK, the Academy of Self Knowledge, wrote the first iteration of the course, and served as the first Director of the organization in South Africa.

He obtained a BA in Psychology from the University of Arizona and worked as an agency counselor and therapist. He also obtained an MBA from the University of Texas at San Antonio and worked as a business consultant, manager and marketer.

He is currently working through his coaching and consulting practice Peak Dynamics. He specializes in personal and team growth and development as well as marketing and business development mentoring.

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