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Would You Know ...


Muhammad Harun Riedinger

Added on: April 26, 2008

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Would you know what you came here for,
And be sure what your destiny is? 

Deep down in your soul’s very core
Hidden safely lie memories 

Of the day when all of Adam’s descendants
Stood before their Creator in awe. 

All of them realized their dependence
And acknowledged the Eternal Law: 

Before anything else He exists;
Return to Him is all being’s aim; 

Without Him, nothing ever subsists;
None but He can make any claim. 

The brief spell that your soul is in fusion
With a body that will go to the grave 

Should not lead you into delusion
That you are anything but a slave. 

Yet a slave who knows not whom he’s serving
Is in the most piteous plight. 

What he was given he is not deserving:
Hearing, intellect and sight. 

Are such gifts then not reason enough
To take stock, and bethink whom you owe? 

It cannot but fill you with love
For the Master who
favoured you so. 

All other pursuits that you follow
Make you spend your life in vain, 

All other loves are empty and hollow
And only cause you regret and pain. 

Would you care for aught but His pleasure,
If to Him return you must?

Pleasing Him and His friends is a treasure
That stays with you when your bones turn to dust 

Are you ready to learn the reply
To the question of who you are? 

Every instance make your self die,
As your self is the greatest bar! 

It prevents you from doing your duty,
It ensnares you in chains of deceit. 

Defy it, and behold Allah’s Beauty,
Then to Him you will gladly submit. 

‘Know your self, and you will know your Sustainer’
Words of wisdom the Chosen One spoke 

Your appearance is but a container,
And your self a tyrannical yoke. 

Throw it off and become a free man,
Who chooses
bondage from love for his Lord

With your Master delight in communion,
With creation you will be in accord

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Muhammad Harun Riedinger can be contacted at: muhharrie@gmail.com

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