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Burning Soul


Hanifah Haadiyah 
  October 6, 2007

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We are the drops in Your Ocean

We are the grains in the desert sands

We’re symbols of Your Majesty

Created and moulded by Your Hand


Creation appears by Your Divine Light

Just as shadows appear by the sun shining bright

We cannot sever our shadow

So how can we separate from the One?


What is this pain burning in my soul?

Where the flames of neglect scorches my world

And the heat of the moment conflagrates states of conflictions

Inflicting afflictions

Consumed by the fire of my wretched condition

Smoldering aspects of my lower self

Clutching onto the “I”, the “me”

Only sinks me further into the labyrinth of uncertainty

Sparking inner confusions & incinerating accord

Bringing my heart to naught but to cry unto thee, “Oh Lord”


What is this yearning pulling me towards its Ocean?

But anxiety & dis-appointment fuel my emotions

Through clouds of vexation my eyes cannot see clearly

Veiled by the darkened fumes of disharmony

Visibly, I see myself outwardly dying

Inwardly lying to the universe

Behind smokescreens of “well-being” I hide

In the waters of Khidr let me dive

And if I should drown, then let me drown deep in Your Sea

Submerged in Humility

In the undulating torrents of Your Mercy


Where I attempt to reach that depth in me

To arrive at that shore of certainty in this drowning world

Before I drown in my tears of despair

Wading through the waves of chaos

Teach me to embrace that Love within

For only You my heart yearns to be near

And as I swim, let the waters of Your Compassion

Put out the fires of negligence

And ignite the spark of Truth & Remembrance

To burn within my soul like Dhikr

That which causes my heart to flicker

Through the refiner’s fire of purification

The soul must burn until glows within

The Eternal flame of illumination


What is this pain burning in my soul?

What is this pain burning in my soul?

It is the pain of Separation… 


© 2003 by Hanifah Haadiyah


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