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Nuradeen Community Project

Nuradeen Community Project*

There is a great need for a living community based on shared values, vision and enlightened worship of the One and Only Creator.

Most of us live in an environment that is detracting and stifling to these very shared values making it difficult to live each day as an expression of true worship. As a result we suffer, and our families suffer. Most of the social problems we have, divorce, infidelity and insensitivity towards women and children are a direct result of a lack of an enlightened community and extended family.

The nuclear family as a social experiment has failed. It is not surprising in that it was designed to optimize consumer spending by fractionalizing natural tribes and groups exponentially increasing consumption. We live in a consumer society and hence, ultimately, it is the consumer who is consumed.

We are proposing an alternative living situation that can help to remedy some of the ills and negative influences of the consumer based society.

We want to establish a model Muslim community that lives true Islam without all the cultural and historical baggage. A community of dhikr (remembrance), love and trust of one another, All Schools of Islamic Thought will be welcomed as long as there is mutual tolerance, love and respect for all.

We are seeking a middle ground in which, without being isolated, we live in the middle of all, yet with safe harbor and in a solace-giving environment. We have researched this matter, taking in consideration the experiments of the past. Our conclusion is a co-housing based community.

Co-housing is a community based platform, clearly articulated and proven to be a successful model the world over. It is based on a neighborhood building approach in which, throughout its entire progression from the ground up, the development is shared and decided in consensus with all members. There is individual ownership with promised contribution to develop other community space and activities for the benefit of all members. Contracts and overall vision is clearly stated and agreed upon by all. I have included below some links to co-housing communities and information resources for your review.

At present I am looking for suitable land in North Carolina for this purpose. I will also be initiating the legal framework and other relevant research required.

If you are interested in participating, fully or in part, or have relevant comments and suggestions, please let me know. My contact details are below.


Hajj Mustafa Ali al-Haydari

Chief Editor

E-mail address
[requires Java Script enabled browser to see it]:

More Information

* Nuradeen Community Project is part of Zahra Trust USA a foundation initiated by its founder and guide Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri. Its stated aim is to establish the wisdom teachings of Islam.