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Jum'ah Talks by Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri
at the Rasooli Centre, South Africa

Jum'ah Talks

Some of these audios are actually in Microsoft's WMV video format.

Click on the title to listen to the talk.

You will need Microsoft Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer to listen to these audios.

To download visit: Microsoft Windows Media Player.

Jum'ah Talk WMV File
Pathway of Islam 28 min: 48 sec
(41.2 MB)
Urgent Duties of a Muslim 29 min: 38 sec
(38.2 MB)
Abstension 33 min: 37 sec
(43.6 MB)
Knowledge is the Foundation of Islam 31 min: 12 sec
(85.6 MB)
Inner Striving and Joy are Inseparable to the Enlightened Muslim 28 min: 28 sec
(78.5 MB)






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