Shaykh Fadhlalla's Visit to the UK in 2004 to Launch Academy of Self-Knowledge

Summary and Photos


Bismillāhi Al-Rahman Al-Rahīm

UK murids have been overjoyed to welcome Shaykh Fadhlalla to the UK this summer. We had been wondering whether we would ever have this privilege again, knowing that Shaykh Fadhlalla is not partial to the congestion and pollution of our small island! However, Luton has fresher air than London, and we were fortunate in finding a spacious house right next door to a murid, so that we could serve the Shaykh properly. We also welcomed Zainab Khanom and Aliya Batul and several visiting murids.

Of course let us not forget that the Shaykh is here for serious work- the launch of the ASK (Academy of Self-Knowledge) programme in the UK. Anyone who has been part of the ASK team knows what an innovative, creative and exciting project it is, bringing together online a series of modules on self awareness and development and relating it to the dīn and the modern world.

The successful UK launch of ASK was held in London on the 24th July and resulted in 45 new students signing up. A CD has been made of the event (for sale from Zahra Publications).

Shaykh Fadhlalla has also given a series of sessions on the Qur`an, focusing on ayats on mankind and his nature; Allah’s creation of man, the ruh, the nafs, Islām, Ihsān, amal, qalb and vices and virtues. CDs will be available shortly and a book will be produced. Excerpts can be seen in the Haydernameh newsletter. Considerable interest was shown in Shaykhna’s publications, which have been on sale at events throughout his visit.

In addition, the Shaykh gave talks at juma’ah and dhikrs, for which the Friends’ House was hired. He will be traveling to Birmingham to give another talk.

One recent highlight of the visit was Shaykh Fadhlalla’s recitation of his poetry accompanied by spiritual music played expertly by Wajahat Khan. This recital truly gave the audience a taste of the unseen realms, Subhanallah! Shaykhna explained how music of the right kind could open the heart to the higher.

Most of us in UK have been galvanized and heartened by the Shaykh’s visit and we are renewing our efforts to find a more suitable Centre than we have at present. Thanks are due to all those who have cooked, cleaned, served, driven, organized venues, recorded talks, transcribed, transported, sold books and performed all the tasks necessary for a successful visit. It is all for our own progress on the Path to Allah. We thank Allah from the bottom of our hearts for giving us our inspired teacher!!




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