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Academy of Self Knowledge

Academy of Self Knowledge

The online course at the Academy of Self Knowledge is aimed at the advanced student, who is serious and committed in the quest of self-knowledge and spiritual development. It is not intended for the beginner or casual passer-by. It requires much in depth study, combined with assignments of both a practical and written nature. A good student should be able to fully benefit by devoting an average of 10 hours per lesson, and complete the course within a year.

ASK Academy of Self Knowledge [External Site]

An Introduction to the Academy of Self Knowledge by Muna Bilgrami [External Site]

The program at ASK -- Academy of Self Knowledge -- is designed to help you discover who you are.

How the worlds known and unknown, manifest from the One source, sustained by the Universal Essence.

It teaches you how to perceive realities and facts in a manner that lets you relate them to the Lasting Truth.

Happiness is a by-product of seeing things as they are, relating to them appropriately and relying on the Inner Light.

Unless you realize the everlasting soul within, the constant outer shadows will always distract you.

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